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Our Focus Areas


At the core, Vista Health prioritises patients and patient advocacy groups, amplifying their voices within the healthcare conversation. We champion systems that prioritise patient needs, satisfaction, and long-term health outcomes. Our services ensure that patient perspectives are heard and integrated into every stage of the asset development process.

  • Recognising the importance of active patient participation in medical advancements, risk-benefit evaluations and continued innovation, we facilitate patient education, communication, and publication through extensive Education, Learning, and Development services
  • Incorporating the perspectives of patients, families and caregivers is essential to driving patient-centred innovation and ensuring that healthcare solutions address real-world needs and challenges; we achieve this via patient/caregiver market-centric research and burden of disease identification alongside patient advisory boards and councils, wherein insights can be integrated into the asset development process
  • As specialists in capturing the patient journey, we delve into the clinical, functional, and emotional impacts and manifestations of illnesses and conditions, providing platforms for patients to share their experiences and shedding light on diagnostic and treatment management practices that ultimately guide the development of more patient-centric solutions and outcomes
Focused Solutions for Patients

Patient Journey Mapping

Vista Health elevates insights delivered through the integration of validated behavioural science frameworks and leverages advances in technology to deliver media-rich, interactive journey maps, bringing stakeholders’ experiences to life.

Segmentation and Profiling

Vista Health leverages technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to deep-dive into characteristics, behaviours and attitudes, enabling our clients to tailor their marketing efforts, products and services to better meet the specific needs and preferences of patient cohorts and create key customer personas that allow for market-level profiling and segmenting of key patient groups.

Innovation and Digital Strategy

Vista Health’s solutions help clients leverage digital technologies and innovative approaches to create a competitive advantage, improve their business processes, and enhance their customers’ experiences via a customised RACE (Reach + Act + Convert + Engage) framework.

Education, Learning and Development

Vista Health’s e-learning solutions leverage interactive elements such as gamification, motion graphics videos, and presenter-led content to create immersive experiences that capture patients’ attention and facilitate knowledge retention.