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Evidence Generation

Robust, fit-for-purpose data to support the evidentiary needs of each stakeholder across the healthcare ecosystem

We generate the evidence required to demonstrate asset value and navigate regulatory and reimbursement hurdles across a complex and evolving environment.

Our expertise spans health economic and real-world evidence generation, epidemiology, market access and evidence strategy, and a deep understanding of diverse health technology assessment processes.

Our team combines unparalleled senior strategic experience, modelling, epidemiology and biostatistics expertise, an expansive clinical network, and proprietary digital tools to help generate the evidence that matters with speed and precision.

Find out more about our core offers:

Secondary database studies

Vista Health has dedicated teams with experience in harnessing the full potential of secondary database studies. Our expertise lies in our interdisciplinary efforts to understand real-world perspectives and strategically leverage secondary data to bridge research gaps. Our solutions offer insights into various research areas, including the examination of long-term trends and patterns emerging from the data, the identification of high-risk or subpopulations with unmet needs, and the application of comprehensive statistical and analytical tools for inference. The utility of our studies extends to epidemiology, social sciences, health economics, and other disciplines to foster a comprehensive understanding of complex research questions using big data.


Vista Health’s proprietary registry platform is designed to support various aspects of a registry study, including site training, data entry, data visualisation, data quality assurance and site communication. Our proprietary platform was built with the end user in mind; it is designed to save time by improving how data can be entered and includes back-end automation to improve quality assurance and significantly minimise data entry errors. There are many ways in which our platform can be used, such as maintaining national disease registries, managing treatment inventories and running clinical studies, post-marketing surveillance and decentralised trials. Furthermore, eCOA/ePRO collection has been integrated into the platform to expand the range of data that can be gathered.

Evidence synthesis

Vista Health possesses strategic and technical expertise to support our partners in determining the need for evidence synthesis, the best methodologic approach and analysis execution. Whether it be informing HTA submissions, publications, or asset strategy, our team has deep experience with regional evidence requirements that facilitate tailoring of analyses to local needs, generating results for impact.

Clinical Outcomes Assessment

Vista Health has unparalleled experience in Clinical Outcomes Assessment within Asia Pacific. Utilising state-of-the-art methods for Clinical Outcomes Assessment (COA) development, validation and selection, we can provide strategic perspectives required for better patient insights. Vista Health can help align product profiles with appropriate measures to ensure studies capture meaningful insights that differentiate, as well as support your regulatory strategy. Our multilingual team allows us to work throughout Asia Pacific, interviewing and analysing data in local languages to accurately capture the nuances expressed by respondents. Our researchers have produced more than 150 manuscripts/posters from COA research, including the development, validation, and analysis of study results.

Expert interviews and consensus generation (interviews, advisory boards, Delphi panels)

Harnessing our unparalleled regional network, Vista Health has extensive expertise with expert engagement, deep experience in qualitative research, and a proprietary survey platform that enables a seamless, convenient and intuitive expert respondent user experience. Whether it be payers, patients or clinicians, we effectively and efficiently reach all stakeholders across the healthcare continuum to distil insights that matter.

Evidence generation strategy

Using our rich experience with Health Technology Assessment, commercialisation and regulatory processes, we support our clients with evidence-generation planning to ensure the evidentiary needs of each stakeholder are met. We deploy tried and tested frameworks, collaborating across corporate silos to ensure relevant and timely evidence generation. We are well-versed in evidence gap analysis and action planning, and can support the systematic translation of global integrated evidence plans into fit-for-purpose local value and evidence to drive asset success.

Patient support platform

Vista Health maintains a digital patient ecosystem that can be adapted to meet the care needs of any condition. Our solutions connect patients with healthcare professionals, including but not limited to doctors, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, allied health workers and counselling support teams. The feature set of our proprietary patient support platform continues to grow as healthcare needs evolve and currently includes symptom, activity and test tracking, treatment reminders (including medication images), access to educational materials, eCOA/ePRO reporting, secure data sharing with care teams, and patient community forums. Furthermore, our platform can be used to achieve several goals, such as clinical care support, patient access programme management, and structured disease programme management (e.g. Hepatitis C treatment course, organ transplant treatment induction and pre-diabetes reversal).