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Strategy and Operations

A comprehensive range of solutions to realise organisational goals

At Vista Health, we design end-to-end asset and organisational strategies for organisations across the healthcare ecosystem.

Whether you are a pharmaceutical or MedTech company, a patient organisation, a physician association or a government ministry or agency, we can support you in improving your organisational efficiency and drive excellence for your assets, products or services.

Our solutions drive impactful outcomes, fostering efficiency, and creating lasting positive impact on organisational or asset performance. Whether assessing the optimum size or required capabilities for your organisation, launching products, optimising pricing, managing product lifecycles, or refining digital strategies, our approach ensures a positive impact on organisational and asset success.

Find out more about our core offers:

Delivering value to the ecosystem

For products and services, we take a full-lifecycle approach – starting before launch through to the conclusion of services or loss-of-exclusivity for patented products. To better understand your market or population, we help our clients understand disease and access landscapes and use insights derived to help define or localise your value proposition to demonstrate and communicate value. We also assist clients looking at new markets or geographies for the first time through channel selection and optimisation or partnerships, business development and licensing options. From an organisational standpoint, we support our clients in defining drivers of value and diagnosing gaps in operating models to inform the design and transformation of organisations, enabling the delivery of value to customers and stakeholders across the ecosystem.

Redefining geography and portfolio priorities

For regional, global, or multi-portfolio teams, assessing your ever-changing priorities is not easy. We help our clients to determine their priorities based on current and future overall strategy, market conditions and competitive success stories. We use opportunity assessments and forecasts, alongside competitive analysis and strategy assessments, to determine your best path forward. This can result in investments or divestments in geographies, resources, assets or indications, as well as sequencing of launches or service expansion.

Building a future-fit organisation

We help our clients design and implement operating models and functional excellence to capitalise on future opportunities and address future challenges. This often takes the form of diagnosing gaps in operating models to inform the design and implementation for organisations or functional excellence (e.g., defining structure, processes, roles and technology for launch excellence), coupled with assessments of the external market environment.

Enabling improvement through digitalisation

Digitalisation has been a tricky process for the life sciences and healthcare sectors; while many have taken great strides, there is still much room for growth and optimisation. We help our clients by facilitating progress through digitalisation and providing innovative digital solutions that empower value-addition. This can range from supporting digital assets and tool go-to-market strategies to operating model re-design and omnichannel strategies.