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Policy and Population Health

A more connected healthcare ecosystem, where all stakeholders can discuss and partner for the benefit of patients and improved outcomes

Vista Health offers a wide range of solutions that cater to our clients’ unique needs. Our work encompasses discrete projects and longer-term engagements, such as alliance formation and secretarial services.

We believe that collaboration and a place at the table for all stakeholders are essential to drive meaningful change in healthcare, particularly in emerging markets. By fostering partnerships and encouraging collective action, we strive to drive political commitment to high-burden disease areas, resulting in policy change, prioritisation of funding and improved patient care.

Our integrated solutions allow us to advise governments, donors, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and industry on several aspects of health policy, provide input on pricing and access policy and frameworks (including risk-sharing and innovative access agreements), and support benchmarking, care roadmaps and healthcare industry development strategies.

Find out more about our core offers:

Policy monitoring

We provide bespoke monitoring services through a mix of human and automated means to ensure companies and organisations are kept up to date with the latest developments before they make it to official policy. Vista Health has developed a platform that centralises up-to-date intelligence on a range of topics and enables users to scan the latest updates in any field. Our platform is highly flexible and allows the configuration of intelligence areas that best meet user needs, from scientific updates to policy reports. It can also learn more about a user’s priorities and make suggestions on which content may be most relevant. Notifications can be set up to ensure that updates are timely, and our processing technology can alert users to trends and high-impact events. The Vista Health Intelligence Centre can be used with a range of sources ranging from news updates to social media listening, and trial reporting to real-time infectious disease care reporting.

Policy-focused advisory boards and roundtables

Vista Health has a successful track record of delivering impactful white papers and thought leadership. Our extensive network of stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem enhances our ability to drive the effective change that you may be seeking. Our media communications and publication support capabilities enable the design and delivery of effective advocacy and engagement strategies through offline panel/forum discussions.

Policymaker engagement and advocacy

Vista Health leverages the use of several tactics, such as white papers, roundtables and closed-door meetings, and our broad network to engage decision-makers on a range of policy topics. We author, collaborate and publish white papers on behalf of life science companies, consortia, and disease alliances to raise awareness of unmet needs, make policy recommendations and provide calls-to-action to the healthcare ecosystem. We activate papers through events, advisory boards or closed-door discussions with policymakers to ensure that we follow through with the recommendations to change behaviours and/or policy.

Publication and information dissemination

Leverage Vista Health’s publication dissemination service in the efficient and strategic sharing of research findings to a wider audience. A targeted research approach is employed to ensure the content created is evidence-based yet tailored. Various content formats, including infographics, whitepapers, mini-blogs and videos can be developed. The dissemination plan is carefully crafted, considering primary and secondary targets, traditional and social media channels, tailored messaging and timelines to increase reach.

Secretariat services and alliances (including knowledge partner services)

Vista Health supports and convenes multi-lateral stakeholder coalitions and alliances through secretariat and knowledge partner services. Activities include mapping of member equities and interests, vision and charter development, alliance set-up and formation, day-to-day secretariat management activities and research, paper development, and stakeholder engagement.

Patient advocacy group services

Vista Health offers a range of services designed to support and empower patient advocacy groups. These include helping to set up groups, offering white-label digital support tools such as disease management apps, capturing and amplifying the patient’s voice, and generating disease management materials.

Policy design and development

We support, design and develop healthcare policies with governments and their ministries or agencies, ranging from value and access to industry development. We are experts in building and engaging professional networks, where we leverage these networks to tackle individual policy areas. In addition, our intelligence-gathering platforms enable our stakeholders to keep abreast of the latest updates within a policy area and act rapidly as situations evolve. Web-scraping tools allow for on-demand updates on policy changes and trends

Population health strategy

We support clients on a range of health equity-driven initiatives by identifying social determinants of health and designing interventions to target underserved patient populations. Projects can range from literature-based understanding of key determinants to the design of interventions; additionally, we can provide our clients with toolkits to design and implement evidence-based initiatives to improve public health.

Healthcare funding and financing

We work with life sciences companies, non-profits and NGOs to select and design funding and financing mechanisms, from simple programmes to more innovative, multi-party efforts. Each disease area and geography requires an assessment to determine which types of mechanisms can be most effective, followed by appropriate selection and detailed programme design. Cross-disease efforts are also considered by looking at opportunities for integrated financing. We also support the implementation of such programmes, which involves constructing a robust investment framework, helping to match partners (e.g., funders to causes) and structuring deals and agreements.