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Value and Access

Optimal pricing, reimbursement and market access for innovative technologies through well-defined and consistent strategies

Value Communication

Effective value communication is paramount for successful market access in a dynamic and competitive life sciences landscape.

Vista Health provides unparalleled expertise in crafting and delivering compelling value communications that resonate with diverse stakeholders.

We specialise in translating the intricate scientific and clinical aspects of drug therapies, diagnostics, and digital health technologies into impactful narratives that underscore their unique value propositions.

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Literature reviews (systematic and targeted)

We provide a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet your distinct needs, whether it be full systematic literature reviews (SLRs) or targeted literature reviews (TLRs). Recognising that evidence-based decision-making is integral to market access and reimbursement success, we ensure your communication strategy is rooted in the latest and most relevant evidence. From shaping future clinical trials to informing market access and pricing strategy, our approach is designed to elevate your product’s value proposition and engage effectively with diverse stakeholders.

Global Value Dossier (GVD) development

In the dynamic healthcare and payer landscape, achieving successful market access for pharmaceuticals or medical devices hinges on meticulously crafting and aligning a compelling product value proposition. Functioning as a robust evidence tool, a Global Value Dossier (GVD) facilitates the demonstration and communication of product value. Drawing insights from your unique goals, we comprehensively develop GVDs that are tailored to your specific needs and communicate key scientific, economic, and commercial messages to HTA agencies and payers.

Publication and dissemination support

Vista Health provides specialised support for a variety of publications in the life sciences and healthcare sectors, covering manuscripts, abstracts, posters, and congress presentations. In addition to offering scientific expertise and medical writing support, our involvement spans the entirety of the publication process. We ensure a thorough and smooth journey, offering strategic guidance during draft development and supporting the submission and publication phases. At every stage, Vista Health delivers tailored support, ensuring compliance with good publication practices for a comprehensive and effective publication experience.

Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

Leveraging decades of collective experience, Vista Health excels in HTA submission support. Our multidisciplinary team has successfully developed HTA strategies and provided end-to-end submission support across diverse geographies. Notably, our proficiency extends to numerous technology appraisals in the APAC region.

Our success is rooted in the combination of strategic guidance and meticulous analytical execution at every stage, from pre-submission engagement to post-submission and pricing and reimbursement negotiation phases.

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End-to-end HTA support: dossier development and submission strategy

From pre-submission planning to post-submission support, Vista Health provides precise guidance in developing high-quality submission materials. With extensive international Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submission experience across Europe and Asia Pacific, our proficiency lies in navigating the intricacies of varying HTA methods and processes for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health technologies. Our integrated approach merges analytical, clinical communication, and economic modelling capabilities, boasting a successful submission track record in developed and emerging HTA markets.

Health economics modelling

Vista Health possesses significant expertise in developing and adapting health economic models required for consolidating clinical and economic evidence, evaluating product value, and adequately communicating that value to decision-makers. Our skilled multinational team excels in constructing various models, including cost-effectiveness, cost-consequence, budget impact, value-based pricing models, and other field tools, such as cost calculators. As specialists in the field, we employ advanced methodologies aligned with international and local pharmacoeconomic and HTA guidelines to guarantee the production of high-quality deliverables customised to meet your specific needs.

Statistical analyses

Vista Health has experts proficient in implementing statistical methods for HTA evidence generation, including but not limited to meta-analysis (MA), network meta-analysis (NMA), mixed treatment comparison (MTC) and indirect treatment comparison (ITC), as well as reanalyses of clinical trial and real-world data (RWD) from multiple sources. The careful scoping of projects, combined with our multidisciplinary team’s extensive knowledge in key clinical areas, statistics, and health economics, ensures the application of fit-for-purpose and efficient statistical analyses in support of HTA submissions.

Market Access

The key to successful market access lies in a clear and well-defined strategy, precise timing, and consistent communication.

With our deep and extensive knowledge of market access barriers and opportunities in diverse disease areas and geographies, coupled with our practical experience in emerging healthcare/funding systems and reimbursement processes, we possess exceptional capabilities to support a wide range of market access projects on global, regional and local levels.

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Market access strategy and landscape assessment

We provide strategic advisory services, offering an understanding of payer perspectives in different disease areas. Our tailored solutions provide insights into reimbursement strategies, negotiation pathways, and actionable plans based on clinical trial results, customer insights, and commercial strategies. We provide essential information needed to address gaps, ensuring successful reimbursement and market entry.

Pricing and launch strategy

Our expertise in pricing strategy, covering the entirety of the product lifecycle (product launch, growth, and maturity) extends to conducting impact assessments and modelling country-specific pricing policies, reference pricing, and price-volume analyses. This comprehensive approach provides you with essential qualitative and quantitative insights necessary to secure a competitive pricing position in the market.

Risk-sharing and managed entry agreements

We leverage our deep understanding of the healthcare landscape and collaborate with multiple stakeholders to design Risk-Sharing Agreements (RSAs) that align reimbursement with predefined performance metrics, ensuring optimal value for payers. Similarly, our team excels in crafting Managed Entry Agreements (MEAs), offering expertise in pricing agreements, evidence-generation commitments, and outcome-based reimbursement models. Through meticulous conceptualisation, validation and testing, we contribute to fostering a balanced approach that facilitates timely access to groundbreaking health technologies while addressing uncertainties and optimising long-term outcomes.