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Our Focus Areas

Payers and Policymakers

Vista Health provides data-driven insights and strategic support to design and implement frameworks that incentivise quality care, enhance system sustainability and resilience, and deliver population health for payers and policymakers.

We aim to offer solutions that ensure patients receive adequate support in navigating the healthcare system. With increasing emphasis on coordinated care, managed care and population health programmes, coordination between policymakers and other institutions is paramount to achieve cost savings. Vista Health provides advisory services for multidisciplinary teams, aiding in prevention, wellness, coordination and strategies across the care continuum by facilitating and supporting stakeholder collaboration through secretariat and knowledge partner services.

Focused Solutions for Payers and Policymakers

Advisory Boards and Roundtables

Whether you are a payer, provider, patient group, pharmaceutical, MedTech, or other health industry, Vista Health recognises the importance of developing policies and strategies that are based on industry-leading insights. Our portfolio includes thought leadership pieces alongside planning and moderating panels, advisory boards and roundtable discussions that set the stage for productive policy and strategy discourse.

Secretariat Services and Alliances

Vista Health has supported and convened multi-lateral stakeholder coalitions and alliances, including mapping of member equities and interests, vision and charter development, alliance set-up and formation, day-to-day secretariat management activities, paper development, and stakeholder engagement and activation.

Publication Dissemination

Vista Health’s media communications and publication support capabilities allow us to design and deliver effective advocacy and engagement strategies; our work includes infographics, whitepapers, mini-blogs and videos that can be deployed on both traditional and social media channels to optimise reach and messaging.