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Our Focus Areas


For pharmaceutical and MedTech companies, Vista Health integrates value-based principles into evidence, access and market strategies, ensuring that innovative solutions deliver concrete, measurable benefits for patients while aligning with healthcare policies and market trends. 

As pharmaceutical companies are actively engaging as collaborative partners in healthcare instead of merely supplying products, we offer solutions to help them effectively position themselves in alignment with this evolving role:

  • We assist organisations in demonstrating the value of their products by generating real-world evidence, conducting health economic studies to demonstrate asset value to stakeholders and employing patient-centric research to ensure value to the patient
  • We develop strategic solutions throughout the product lifecycle from early evaluations to go-to-market strategies; we prioritise outcomes, optimise resource allocation and emphasise the importance of patient-centric innovation and long-term sustainability
  • We facilitate collaboration between industry players, public and private payers, academic and research institutions, and other stakeholders to establish a culture of innovation that enhances health outcomes
  • We assist in defining unique niches of brands and organisations by exploring the needs of patients and healthcare providers, analysing market dynamics, identifying unmet needs, and refining positioning to drive better outcomes
  • We offer innovative and tailored learning experiences covering areas from organisational health checks to medical writing and education across enterprises by utilising cutting-edge methodologies, platforms and technologies
Focused Solutions for Industry

Value and Access

Vista Health possesses significant expertise in developing and adapting health economic models required for consolidating clinical and economic evidence, evaluating product value, and adequately communicating that value to decision-makers.

Evidence Generation

Vista Health has unrivalled experience with evidence generation planning, design and implementation using tried and tested frameworks, clinical outcomes assessments (COAs), end-to-end database support and systematic literature reviews (SLRs).

Insights and Intelligence

Comprehensive stakeholder mapping identifies key influential individuals, groups, or organisations that, when prioritised based on their interests, concerns and expectations, facilitate effective stakeholder engagement and strategic decision-making.

Policy and Population Health

Vista Health works with public and private payers, life sciences companies, non-profits and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to design innovative and alternative funding/financing mechanisms.

Asset and Organisational Strategy

Vista Health’s capability health checks provide a roadmap for success, addressing risks and informing long-term strategic alignment to optimise overall performance at an organisational level.