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Business Ethics Statement

Our Business Ethics Statement guides commercial and industry partners, and vendors on how to work with us.


Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
Vista Health does not tolerate any form of corruption within our company and third-party partners, and we adhere to all applicable international laws and regulations that forbid bribery. All employees from Vista Health and third-party partners may never offer, attempt to offer, authorise or promise a bribe to any individual for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business or securing an unfair or improper advantage for Vista Health.

A bribe may include giving or accepting anything of value, including gifts, cash or favours. It is essential to prevent any such violation, deliberate or otherwise, and Vista Health pledges to conduct due diligence to assess potential risks in transactions with any of our business partners. No Vista Health or third-party partner employee may attempt to circumvent these rules by working with another third party to engage in prohibited activities on our behalf. If you have any questions about whether a payment or other business transaction violates an anti-bribery or anti-corruption law, contact our senior management.

The effects of bribery and corruption are corrosive to the environment in which we do business. Vista Health is committed to improving the lives of patients and to helping to build an equitable and fair healthcare environment. Corruption may threaten these objectives by influencing healthcare providers or healthcare systems to the detriment of patients.

All Vista Health and third-party partner employees should be wary of giving or receiving gifts. We understand that gift giving and entertainment is a complex area, and we encourage each Vista Health and third-party partner employee to be vigilant about receiving gifts or entertainment that could be seen to influence our work. Vista Health carefully monitors all expenses, including third-party partners expenses related to a project to ensure no gift or entertainment imparts undue influence on our stakeholders. As a rule of thumb, we encourage Vista Health and third-party partner employees not to accept gifts or entertainment from any other third-party. If a gift is accepted, however, we encourage Vista Health and third-party partner employees to promptly report the occurrence to management.

Freedom of Association and Trade Union / Political Participation
Vista Health upholds all employees and third-party partners employees’ rights to freedom of association as well as to hold political beliefs or participate in political events. We do not interfere with any employee’s or third-party partner employee’s decision to associate with external bodies and we recognise that all workers are free to form and/or join a trade union of their choice. Vista Health has put in place non-discriminatory policies and procedures with respect to trade union organisation, union membership and activity in such areas as applications for employment and decisions on advancement, dismissal or transfer, and these rights must be respected by third-party partners.

Supply Chain Interactions
Vista Health routinely engages with a number of external stakeholders, including pharmaceutical companies, technology providers, clinical professionals, public health bodies and patient associations. All interactions with external stakeholders must be professional and focused on maintaining a proper working relationship. Employees and third-party partners can only work with additional suppliers if given express authority to do so. All engagement with additional suppliers must be underpinned by relevant documentation such as a supplier’s agreement or non-disclosure agreement. We expect our third-party partners to take their responsibilities extremely seriously, and at no point is it permissible to disclose confidential data, analysis, strategy or related assets across a supply chain without prior permission.

Contact Us
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this Business Ethics Statement, please contact us immediately via the “Contact Us” form listed in our contact information.