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Education, Learning and Development

Tailored solutions to fulfil training needs or education requirements for enhancing your organisation’s hybrid learning experiences

Vista Health is an industry expert in delivering learning experiences that are effective, engaging and differentiated. We dedicate time to understand your training needs or education requirements, work to identify any additional knowledge gaps and apply the best possible strategy to meet your training goals.

The Learning and Development skillsets across the Vista Health team range from delivering exceptional face-to-face workshops to deploying bespoke online courses utilising the latest in e-learning technology. Vista Health also delivers hybrid learning experiences to make the most of each delivery format, ensuring that the learning experience is as effective as possible and that objectives are met.

Through years of Learning and Development experience, we have developed a series of e-learning products and platforms to help facilitate e-learning delivery. These platforms deliver, track and evaluate learning experiences, and give clear insights into individual learner progression.

All aspects of the Vista Health Learning and Development offering are designed and developed in-house to ensure that the learning experiences are innovative and highly engaging, whilst ensuring real value is delivered for every project.

Find out more about our core offers:

Bespoke curricula development

Recognising the diverse learning objectives and needs within the healthcare and life science sectors, we collaborate closely with clients to develop customised curricula that align with their specific goals. Whether it is enhancing commercial excellence, improving product knowledge among sales representatives, or educating patients and healthcare professionals about therapeutic areas and treatments, our bespoke approach ensures that each learning experience is tailored to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Off-the-shelf module deployment

For organisations seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions, Vista Health offers a selection of off-the-shelf modules covering a wide range of topics relevant to the healthcare and life science industries. These modules, crafted by subject matter experts and instructional designers, provide ready-to-deploy solutions for common training needs, such as product launches, compliance training, and sales effectiveness programmes. In instances where a tailored experience is required, we can adapt existing materials to your specific requirements cost-effectively whilst maintaining optimal engagement.

Bite-size learning

For organisations looking to reinforce learning, reach a target audience with a limited learning time, or provide refresher training, Vista Health offers bite-size learning options that include short, focused modules, content reinforcement activities and gamified assessments. These bite-sized learning experiences are designed to maximise engagement and retention, providing flexible and convenient options for ongoing skill development within the industry.


In addition to our core e-learning services, Vista Health offers the option to develop ‘playbooks’ that support the rollout of key initiatives, such as product launches, sales force effectiveness (SFE) strategies and policy awareness campaigns.

Whether bespoke, off-the-shelf, or bite-size/mobile, we take industry-leading, innovative and cost-effective approaches to all projects

Industry-leading Learning Experiences

Engagement is paramount in effective learning, particularly within the healthcare and life science sectors where complex information must be conveyed clearly and memorably.

Our e-learning solutions leverage interactive elements such as gamification, motion graphics videos, and presenter-led content to create immersive experiences that capture learners’ attention and facilitate knowledge retention.

Utilisation of the Latest Technology

Vista Health remains at the forefront of e-learning technology, harnessing the latest advancements to enhance learning outcomes for our clients.

From adaptive learning algorithms to mobile learning experiences, we leverage innovative tools and techniques to deliver engaging and impactful training experiences that leverage the latest advancements in technology.

Cost-Effective Format

We understand the importance of maximising available budgets without compromising quality. Our e-learning solutions are designed to offer exceptional value and provide cost-effective options for delivering on education and training imperatives.

By optimising development processes and leveraging scalable delivery methods, we ensure that our solutions meet budgetary requirements while delivering tangible results.